Learn Java

Running Your First Java Application

Staying Aware of New Features

Getting to Know the Language

Mastering the API

  • The Collections Framework

    Getting to know the Collections Framework to store and retrieve data in collections and hashmaps.

  • The Stream API

    Process your in-memory data with Java streams and collectors. Process them faster with parallel streams.

  • Regular Expressions

    Provides a general overview of regular expressions. It also introduces the core classes that comprise this API.

  • The Date Time API

    Covers the Date Time API added to the JDK 8, including the core concepts and classes.

Organizing your Application

  • Modules

    Understand how the module system shapes the JDK and how you can use it to make your code base more maintainable.

  • Creating Runtime and Application Images with JLink

    Learn how to use the command line tool jlink to create custom-made runtime images or self-contained application images.

Getting to know the JVM