Learn Java

Running Your First Java Application

Staying Aware of New Features

Getting to Know the Language

Mastering the API

  • The Collections Framework

    Getting to know the Collections Framework to store and retrieve data in collections and hashmaps.

  • The Stream API

    Process your in-memory data with Java streams and collectors. Process them faster with parallel streams.

  • The Java I/O API

    Access external resources with the Java Input / Output API.

  • Common I/O Tasks in Modern Java

    This article focuses on tasks that application programmers are likely to encounter, particularly in web applications, such as reading and writing text files, reading text, images, JSON from the web, and more.

  • The Date Time API

    Covers the Date Time API added to the JDK 8, including the core concepts and classes.

  • Regular Expressions

    Provides a general overview of regular expressions. It also introduces the core classes that comprise this API.

  • Introduction to Java Reflection

    Java reflection allows an object to look in the mirror and discover what fields, methods, and constructors it has. We can read and write fields, invoke methods, and even create new objects by calling the constructors.

  • Introduction to Method Handles

    Method handles, how they are different from the Reflection API, and the tooling they provide.

  • Fundamentals of Security using JDK Libraries

    Provides a general overview of security APIs. It also introduces the core components part of this API.

  • Virtual Threads

    Virtual Threads: What, Why, and How?

Organizing your Application

  • Modules

    Understand how the module system shapes the JDK and how you can use it to make your code base more maintainable.

  • Creating Runtime and Application Images with JLink

    Learn how to use the command line tool jlink to create custom-made runtime images or self-contained application images.

Getting to know the JVM

Rich Client Applications

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