The Stream API

The Stream API is your best tool to process your in-memory data following a map/filter/reduce approach.

The tutorials in this series are listed below. They will guide you all through the Stream API, starting at the basic concepts all the way to collector design and parallel streams.

  1. Processing Data in Memory Using the Stream API

    Implementing the map-filter-reduce algorithm

  2. Adding Intermediate Operations on a Stream

    Deep-diving into the intermediate operations of the Stream API.

  3. Creating Streams

    Patterns to create the stream you need.

  4. Reducing a Stream

    Reducing streams with a binary operator.

  5. Adding a Terminal Operation on a Stream

    Reducing a stream without the reduce method.

  6. Finding the Characteristics of a Stream

    Understanding the characteristics of a stream

  7. Using a Collector as a Terminal Operation

    Collecting a stream in a mutable container using a collector.

  8. Creating Your Own Collector

    Creating a collector by using the Collectors factory class.

  9. Implementing the Collector Interface

    Creating a collector by implementing the Collector interface.

  10. Using Optionals

    Introducing the Optional class to model method that cannot produce a value.

  11. Parallelizing Streams

    Going faster by leveraging the parallel streams.

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