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Inside Java Podcast

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The Inside Java Podcast is an audio-only, interview-style podcast that discusses a range of topics from the Java language, the JVM, OpenJDK, platform security, innovation projects like Loom and Panama, and everything in between. Each episode is about 30 minutes.

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Inside Java Newscast

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The Inside Java Newscast covers recent developments in the OpenJDK community. In just a few minutes, it presents new Java releases, new language features and APIs, coding tips and tricks, or insights into OpenJDK development.

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JEP Café

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The JEP Café brews a new JEP to explore each month in about 10 minutes per episode.

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Sip of Java

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Take a Sip of Java with these 1-minute YouTube shorts that explore a wide range of new features in the JDK.

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