Contributing to Java

You, too, can help shape the future of the world's most popular programming platform used by millions of developers globally! From spreading the word about popular new features to becoming a committer to OpenJDK, to joining the Java in Education initiative, this section highlights some of the areas in which you can help out.

Testing Things Out

Contributing to Java is not just about creating a new API. We're looking for people to test out early-access builds, impermanent features, innovation projects like Loom and Panama, testing 3rd-party libraries, and more.

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Promoting Java

There are also incredibly valuable ways to contribute to Java's success by just promoting it! This section delves into some of these ways like joining or starting a JUG, speaking at a conference, and writing about Java!

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Contribute to

You can contribute to this website!

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Contributing to OpenJDK

For those that want to learn how to contribute directly to OpenJDK, you can review our contributing to OpenJDK page.

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