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Maybe what you would prefer is presenting a feature at your local Java User Group, writing a blog post, publishing some code snippets that show new patterns of code that you like. Educating the general community of Java developers who might not be following what is going on in the OpenJDK in an accessible fashion raises the awareness and enthusiasm around these new features. All these are also very valuable contributions to the OpenJDK.

Java User Groups

Developed over 20 years ago, Oracle continues to drive the Java User Group (JUG) program forward. JUGs are volunteer organizations that strive to build a more inclusive developer community that distributes Java-related knowledge around the world.

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Helping the Next Generation of Developers

Java has shaped the world we live in because of the creativity and innovation shown by so many developers. To continue evolving the world around us requires continual generations who understand the value of Java. Help influence future programmers by passing on your knowledge by participating in the “Java for Education” initiative.

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Help us Spread the Word

As Java developers, your knowledge and experiences can help positively influence your fellow peers. We encourage you to contribute your stories socially. Follow @Java on Twitter, as well as use the #MovedByJava hashtag when sharing expertise.

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