The Core JDK Tools

  1. Introducing the Core JDK Tools

    Introducing the Core JDK Tools

  2. Javac - the Compiler

    Using the javac compiler to compile your Java code.

  3. Javap - the Disassembler

    Introducing the javap disassembler

  4. Javadoc - the Documentation Generator

    Generating your HTML documentation with javadoc.

  5. Java - Your Application Launcher

    Launching your application with the java tool.

  6. Jshell - The Java Shell Tool

    jshell interactively evaluate declarations, statements, and expressions of the Java programming language in a read-eval-print loop (REPL).

  7. Jar - the Archive Tool

    Archive your classes and resources with the jar tool.

  8. Jlink - Assemble and Optimize a Set of Modules

    Assembling and optimizing a set of modules.

  9. Jmod - Create JMOD archives

    Creating JMOD files.

  10. Jdeps - Analyze your Java Classes Dependencies

    Analyzing your Java class dependency with the jdeps tool.

  11. Jdeprscan - Deprecated API Elements Scanner

    Static analysis tool that scans a jar file for uses of deprecated API elements.

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