Lambda Expressions

Lambda expressions were a powerful addition to the Java language starting in Java 8. This is a series of tutorials aimed at introducing the concept of lambdas while incrementally teaching how to use them in practice as you progress through each tutorial.

The tutorials in this series are listed below. We recommend starting with the first and working your way through, but you are free to start wherever you'd like!

  1. Writing Your First Lambda Expression

    Writing your first lambda, finding the type of a lambda.

  2. Using Lambdas Expressions in Your Application

    Discovering the most useful functional interfaces of the JDK.

  3. Writing Lambda Expressions as Method References

    Understanding Method References.

  4. Combining Lambda Expressions

    Using Default and Static Methods to Combine and Create Lambdas.

  5. Writing and Combining Comparators

    Creating and Combining Comparators Using Lambda Expressions.

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