The Collections Framework

This is a series of tutorials aimed at introducing the collections framework. There are quite a few tutorials because the collections framework is extensive, and powerful. If you are new to them, start at the beginning and work your way through, but you can of course jump all around.

  1. Storing Data Using the Collections Framework

    Why Choosing a Collection over an Array?

  2. Getting to Know the Collection Hierarchy

    Getting to Know the Collection Hierarchy.

  3. Storing Elements in a Collection

    Using a Collection to Store and Retrieve Elements

  4. Iterating over the Elements of a Collection

    Iterating over the Content of a Collection.

  5. Extending Collection with List

    Exploring the List Interface.

  6. Extending Collection with Set, SortedSet and NavigableSet

    Exploring the Set Interface.

  7. Creating and Processing Data with the Collections Factory Methods

    Creating Immutable Collections.

  8. Storing Elements in Stacks and Queues

    Finding Your Way in the Queue Hierarchy.

  9. Using Maps to Store Key Value Pairs

    Introducing the Map Hierarchy.

  10. Managing the Content of a Map

    Using a Map to Handle Key-Value Pairs.

  11. Handling Map Values with Lambda Expressions

    Handling the Values Stored in a Map.

  12. Keeping Keys Sorted with SortedMap and NavigableMap

    Using a Sortedmap to Sort Key-Value Pairs.

  13. Choosing Immutable Types for Your Key

    Avoiding the Use of Mutable Keys.

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