The Troubleshooting Tools

  1. Jcmd - Send Diagnostic Commands to a JVM

    Sending diagnostic command requests to a running Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

  2. Jdb - Fixing Bugs in Java Programs

    Find and fixing bugs in Java platform programs.

  3. Jhsdb - Analyzing the Core Dump of a Crashed JVM

    Attach to a Java process or launch a postmortem debugger to analyze the content of a core dump from a crashed Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

  4. Jinfo - Generating Java Configuration Information

    Generating Java configuration information for a specified Java process.

  5. Jmap - Printing Details of a Process

    Printing details of a specified process.

  6. Jstack - Printing Java Stack Traces

    Printing Java stack traces of Java threads for a specified Java process.

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