Java Affinity Logo

The Java logo is one of the most highly recognized technology logos in the developer community. It continues to represent the ongoing principles that Java stands for... trust, innovation, and predictability.

While Oracle continues as the Java trademark owner, we want developers to be able to use the specially created Java affinity logo any way you want to promote your use of Java: on coffee cups, t-shirts, or your website. You can use them anywhere—except on a Java product, which is strictly prohibited.

How to get started

For online placement, please read the usage terms below and then cut and paste the code onto your web property.

For all other allowable placements (mouse pads, t-shirts, etc.) drop us a line. If permissible, we’ll send you the trademark license agreement and additional usage terms. Contact:

You don’t need sign anything to use a Java affinity logo, as long as you follow our affinity logo usage terms. These logos may not be used for any other purpose than to communicate your affinity for Java technology. Java affinity logos may not be used on any product. Don’t even think about it. These affinity marks contain Java trademarks, including but not limited to the Java word mark and the coffee cup logo. Before you select and download a Java affinity logo, read and abide by our usage terms.

  1. Unless you have a separate authorization from Oracle, you may only display the Java affinity logo provided and you may only display it on your website in compliance with these usage terms. By displaying the affinity logo, you agree to be bound by these usage terms. Dig?
  2. The affinity logo MUST ALWAYS BE AN ACTIVE LINK to and no other website. You may only display the affinity logo complete and unmodified on your website and in no other medium or manner. Seriously.
  3. You may not remove or alter the affinity logo (or any element of it) or use any element of the affinity logo separately. You may not alter the affinity logo in any manner. This includes color, proportions, arrangement of the elements, size, etc. You may not animate the affinity logo or otherwise distort or morph its appearance or perspective.
  4. The title of your website and your name (as an individual or organization) must appear on your website at least as prominently, in terms of size and placement, as a Java affinity logo. You may not display the affinity logo in a manner that implies that Oracle endorses, sponsors, is affiliated with, or is the source of your website, your products or services, or yourself or your organization. The affinity logo may not be used in a manner that implies that any product is compatible or compliant with any Java platform or has passed any test suite.
  5. The affinity logo must appear by itself with a minimum of white space that is least 1/2 of height of the affinity logo separating each side of the affinity logo from other textual or graphic elements on your web page. The affinity logo may not be used as a feature or design element of any other logo. Let Java shine.
  6. You may not display the affinity logo on any website that violates applicable law or regulations, or any website that disparages the Java platform, Oracle, or any of our products or services. That would be very uncool.
  7. Oracle does not grant you any rights in any Java logos or trademarks or any other Oracle trademarks beyond the limited permission to display the affinity logo granted in these usage terms. Don’t go there.
  8. Oracle reserves the right at any time in our sole discretion to modify or terminate your permission to display the affinity logo. Duke hopes that won’t happen but wanted to give you a heads-up.
  9. Oracle reserves the right to take action against any use that does not comply with these usage terms, infringes Oracle intellectual property or other rights, or violates applicable law or regulations. But you wouldn’t do that, right?

Now that you’ve read the terms:

Use the following HTML code to create a link to

<a href="">
  <img src="" />
The Java affinity logo that reads 'I code Java'