Java Community

The Java Platform would not be where it is today without its vibrant and diverse community with participation from every corner of the globe. Each member bringing their own unique voice and expertise to a diverse set of voices all meant to ensure Java remains vibrant and inclusive for generations to come.

You are the glue that makes Java strong, which is changing the world of application development and community participation! Here for you are many ways to get started or stay involved, which ensures we’re collectively the drumbeat that is moving Java forward.


The vast array of events offering Java coverage continues to grow and is a shining example of its vibrancy. Come discover the collection of conferences happening globally that you can participate in. If you would like to have an event included please send a request to

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Java 22 Launch

Java 22 is about to be released! Come celebrate with us on the Java YouTube channel on March 19th! From 17:00 to 22:00 UTC, we will be hosting a 5-hour live stream covering the launch of Java 22.

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Java Day

Java Day is the face-to-face meet-up where Java experts from Oracle bring their knowledge, expertise, and experiences to your local Java User Group (JUG) to evolve your programming skills. If you are a JUG leader/organizer and would like Java Day to make a visit to your local meet-up, please send a request for us to evaluate.

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Java User Groups

Java User Groups (JUGs) are volunteer organizations that strive to distribute Java-related knowledge around the world. They provide a meeting place for Java users to get information, share resources and solutions, increase networking, expand Java Technology expertise, and above all, strive to build a more inclusive community. JUGs are the meeting point for the Java community to connect, communicate and collaborate with developer peers. Explore the list of JUGs globally that you can become active in.

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Java Champions

The Java Champions Program consists of a unique group of skilled Java technologists and community leaders sponsored by Oracle. Java Champions come from a broad cross-section of the Java community. They are leaders, influencers and enablers who help grow the size of the Java community. Java Champions are active in many ways such as actively participating in Java projects, engaging with Java User Group communities, speaking at conferences, authoring content, teaching other developers, fostering inclusive participation and so much more.

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Duke: The Java Mascot

Duke was designed to represent a “software agent” that performed tasks for the user. Duke was the interactive host that enabled a new type of user interface that went beyond the buttons, mice, and pop-up menus of the desktop computing world.

Duke was instantly embraced. In fact, at about the same time Java was first introduced and the first Java cup logo was commissioned, Duke became the official mascot of Java technology. In 2006, Duke was officially “open sourced” under a BSD license.

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While Oracle continues as the Java trademark owner, we want developers to be able to use the specially created Java affinity logo any way you want to promote your use of Java: on coffee cups, t-shirts, or your website.

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The history of Java has been built on the vision of diversity and inclusion, ensuring a vibrant representation in the Java community. The jDuchess Program is a program focusing on ensuring gender diversity. Founded in 2009, there are now hundreds of jDuchess chapters around the world.

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