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Paving the on-ramp

By Brian Goetz on September 29, 2022

At various points, we've explored the question of which program elements are most and least helpful for students first learning Java. After considering a number of alternatives over the years, I have a simple proposal for smoothing the 'on ramp' to Java programming, while not creating new things to unlearn …'

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JavaOne Update Series: Run of Show

By Chad Arimura on September 28, 2022

JavaOne is nearly upon us and we’ve been working hard to fill out the list of final activities. Here is a high-level Run of Show to give you a sense for what you can expect from the first JavaOne in 5 years. Note that the JavaOne conference is co-located with CloudWorld, so I will mix in a few notable things like the CloudWorld keynotes and the Steve Miller Band. JavaOne attendees get all the benefits of being at CloudWorld, like the parties and additional sessions! Rock on …

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Loom in the Java Ecosystem - Inside Java Newscast #34

By Billy Korando, Ana-Maria Mihalceanu, Chad Arimura, Jose Paumard on September 27, 2022

Project Loom's core features, virtual threads and structured concurrency, were released as previews/incubators in JDK 19 and the ecosystem is already reacting. In this video we'll go over tools from JFR and JMC and from IntelliJ to VS Code, web servers like Jetty and Tomcat, and frameworks from Spring to Helidon, from Micronaut to Vert.x to see which versions do or will support Java's most exciting new features.

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Quality Outreach Heads-up - JDK 20 - Support for 1.7 source and target removed from javac

By David Delabassee on September 26, 2022

This Heads-Up is part of the regular communication sent to the projects involved, it covers a change in javac in JDK 20 …

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AppCDS Autogenerate - Sip of Java

By Billy Korando on September 26, 2022

Learn about how the new autogenerate feature simplifies creating shared archives in AppCDS.

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Quality Outreach Heads-up - JDK 19 - Double.toString() and Float.toString() changes

By David Delabassee on September 23, 2022

This Heads-Up is part of the regular communication sent to the projects involved, it covers a behaviour change related to Double.toString() and Float.toString().

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Virtual Threads: New Foundations for High-Scale Java Applications

By Brian Goetz on September 23, 2022

Java 19 brings the first preview of virtual threads to the Java platform; this is the main deliverable of OpenJDKs Project Loom. This is one of the biggest changes to come to Java in a long time -- and at the same time, is an almost imperceptible change. Virtual threads fundamentally change how the Java runtime interacts with the underlying operating system, eliminating significant impediments to scalability -- but change relatively little about how we build and maintain concurrent programs. There is almost zero new API surface, and virtual threads behave almost exactly like the threads we already know. Indeed, to use virtual threads effectively, there is more unlearning than learning to be done …

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JDK 19 Security Enhancements

By Sean Mullan on September 22, 2022

JDK 19 was released on September 20, 2022! As with my previous blogs, I have compiled a list of what I think are the most interesting and useful security enhancements in this release. I have also grouped them into appropriate categories (crypto, PKI, etc) which should make it easier to find out what has changed in each specific area. The JDK 19 release notes also contain further details on these and other enhancements …

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G1/Parallel/Serial GC improvements in JDK 19

By Thomas Schatzl on September 21, 2022

JDK 19 is here! Let me summarize changes and in particular improvements in Hotspot´s stop-the-world garbage collectors in that release - G1 and Parallel GC - for yet another time …

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Moving Java Forward with Java 19

By Georges Saab, Chad Arimura, Sharat Chander, Aurelio Garcia Ribeyro on September 20, 2022

An Oracle Developer Live - Java Innovations Keynote. In this special Developer Live episode, experts from Oracle’s Java Platform Group share the strategies, tips, and knowledge you need to create the next generation of ric

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