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Java’s Plans for 2022 - Inside Java Newscast #18

By Nicolai Parlog on January 13, 2022

An update on Java's four key projects: Valhalla, Panama, Loom, and Amber - what they're about, where they are right now, and what their plans are for 2022 and beyond, including comments on their timeline.

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Episode 21 “JEP 421 and Finalization Deprecation”

By Brent Christian, David Delabassee on January 12, 2022

In this episode, David remotely sat down with Brent Christian to discuss Finalization and the effort to gradually deprecate this now outdated, brittle, and complex mechanism from the platform. After covering some of the finalization weaknesses, Brent discusses the alternatives to properly deal with resources, i.e. try with resources and the Cleaner API. He then continues with JEP 421 which will be part of JDK 18 and some potential subsequent steps.

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Exceptions - You don’t gotta catch ‘em all!

By Joakim Nordstrom on January 12, 2022

There are a few throwables the JVM might throw at you, that you shouldn’t try to catch…

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Java 17 Deep Dive

By Jose Paumard on January 11, 2022

The 'next LTS' is like Nessie! Everybody talks about it, but nobody knows anything about it! The features released between Java 11 and Java 17 have brought a greater opportunity for developers to improve application development productivity as well and code expressiveness and readability. In this deep-dive session, you will discover all the recent Project Amber features added to the Java language such as Records (including Records serialization), Pattern Matching for `instanceof`, switch expression, sealed classes, and hidden classes. The main goal of the Amber Project is to bring Pattern Matching to the Java platform, which will impact both the language and the JDK APsI. You will discover record patterns, array patterns, as well as deconstruction patterns, through constructors, factory methods, and deconstructors.

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Java SE - Write Once, Run Forever

By Aurelio Garcia Ribeyro on January 10, 2022

Despite all the changes of the past year, organizations still need to modernize and evolve business applications to protect their technology investments. With so many choices of platform and deployment modality, the complexity can be overwhelming. Java stands the test of time, while continuing to innovate. Java’s original tagline, “Write once, run anywhere” takes on an even greater meaning as enterprises move their Java deployments to the cloud…

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Records Patterns, Performance and Serialization - JEP Café #8

By Jose Paumard on January 6, 2022

This #JEPCafe discusses JEP 395: Records, released with JDK 16. We start with a short recap on what records are, then discuss the performances of the hash code computation with the `hashCode()` method, and the comparison of records using the `equals()` method. The performances are compared with the data objects offered by Kotlin and Lombok. We also cover record serialization and discuss patterns to serialize your legacy objects using records serialization (and get the security benefits of records serialization!)!

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State of Valhalla

By Brian Goetz on December 27, 2021

Just in time for Christmas, the latest State of Valhalla is available! The main focus for the last year has been finding the right way to expose the Valhalla features in the user model, in a way that is cleanly factored, intuitive, and clearly connects with where the platform has come from…

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11 Great Java Tricks From

By Nicolai Parlog on December 25, 2021

The website is a huge resource for all Java developers. Here are 11 tricks collected from the site…

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New Loom Early Access builds

By Alan Bateman on December 24, 2021

The builds on the Project Loom Early Access download page have been refreshed. The builds are based on jdk-19+2 so you may need to update project or IDE configuration to compile with --enable-preview --release 19. This build has to updated ScopeLocals API that Andrew posted on a note on last week…

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JDK 17 Script Friendly URLs

By on December 23, 2021

The latest version of Oracle JDK 17 can be downloaded from a command line, or automatically in scripts and dockerfiles by using download URLs which will deliver the then current update release…

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