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The State of OpenJDK

By Dalibor Topic on February 23, 2024

A review of the past four years in the life of the OpenJDK Community, and a look at what’s ahead.

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Quality Outreach Heads-up - Virtual Threads “Pinning” Issue

By David Delabassee on February 21, 2024

This Heads-Up is part of the regular communication sent to the projects involved, it covers some potential changes regarding Virtual Threads pinning issue...

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State of jextract

By Maurizio Cimadamore on February 19, 2024

With the finalization of the Foreign Function & Memory API near us, we have spent the last few weeks polishing jextract. We have made several changes, from implementation-only ones (e.g. we now use string templates for all the code generation), to more visible ones, which will affect clients of the code jextract generates. This document is an attempt at summarising the latter kind of changes, so as to provide some basic guidance of the (possible source-breaking) changes you might expect the next time you run jextract...

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Java Language Update - Early 2024 Edition

By Viktor Klang on February 18, 2024

This session discusses recent advancements in the Java programming language, and looks at what’s coming next.

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Virtual Threads - Next Steps

By Alan Bateman on February 17, 2024

Virtual Threads graduated to a permanent feature in JDK 21 with huge interest and uptake in the Java ecosystem. There’s a lot more to do! This session will go through the current efforts on Java monitors, I/O, and other areas that will improve this feature in future JDK releases.

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When Should a Compiler Expand Garbage Collection Barriers?

By Roberto Castaneda Lozano on February 16, 2024

This post describes a case in a production compiler (C2, the JDK’s optimizing JIT compiler) where we have figured out that the right trade-off is to actually reduce the amount of program information fed to the compiler....

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Does Java 22 Kill Build Tools? - Inside Java Newscast #63

By Nicolai Parlog on February 15, 2024

Java 22 brings multi source-file execution to the platform. It allows us to run programs consisting of multiple source files and even dependencies with just a simple `java` command. For experienced developers, this will make exploration and experimentation simpler but it's a real game changer for people just learning Java or even just to program: They can now write Java code from single to multiple source files and even add dependencies before they need to consider an IDE or build tool.

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Emulating C# LINQ in Java using Code Reflection

By Paul Sandoz on February 14, 2024

In this article we will explain how to emulate aspects of C#’s Language Integrated Query (LINQ) in Java using Code Reflection. Specifically, LINQ’s capability to enable translation of LINQ queries (C# expressions) to SQL statements...

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Foreign Function & Memory API - A (quick) peek under the hood

By Maurizio Cimadamore on February 13, 2024

JNI is, to date, the only way to access native libraries from Java code, but JNI's brittle and convoluted programming model makes it tedious to use at scale. But no more: JDK's 22 Foreign Function & Memory API provides a safe, modern and efficient way to access foreign memory and code from Java.

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Data Oriented Programming in Java 21

By Nicolai Parlog on February 12, 2024

In data-oriented programming (DOP), we model data as data and polymorphic behavior with pattern matching. This talk will introduce the concept of DOP and its four principles...

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