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Java 21 is an explosive release! 💣💥

By Nicolai Parlog on October 3, 2023

Java 21 University Session

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Sequenced Collections API - Sip of Java

By Billy Korando on October 2, 2023

Let's explore the new Sequenced Collections API that has been added in Java 21.

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New candidate JEP: 457: Class-File API (Preview)

By Brian Goetz on September 28, 2023

Provide a standard API for parsing, generating, and transforming Java class files. This is a preview API.

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New candidate JEP: 456: Unnamed Variables and Patterns

By Angelos Bimpoudis on September 27, 2023

Enhance the Java language with unnamed variables, which can be initialized but not used, and unnamed patterns, which match a record component without stating the component's name or type. Both are denoted by an underscore character, _.

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New candidate JEP: 455: Primitive types in Patterns, instanceof, and switch (Preview)

By Angelos Bimpoudis on September 26, 2023

Enhance pattern matching by allowing primitive type patterns to be used in all pattern contexts, align the semantics of primitive type patterns with that of instanceof, and extend switch to allow primitive constants as case labels. This is a preview language feature …

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JFR View Command - Sip of Java

By Billy Korando on September 26, 2023

Let's explore the new JFR View command

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My Favorite JDK 21 Feature: Javadoc Search URL

By Stuart Marks on September 25, 2023

Well, it’s not actually a JDK 21 feature; it was added in JDK 19. With the recent release of JDK 21, there’s been a lot of emphasis on the changes between JDK 17 and JDK 21, because both are long-term maintained releases. I figure it’s ok to call this a JDK 21 feature …

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JDK 21 Security Enhancements

By Sean Mullan on September 22, 2023

JDK 21 was released on September 19, 2023! As with my previous blogs, I have compiled a list of what I think are the most interesting and useful security enhancements in this release. I have also grouped them into appropriate categories (crypto, TLS, etc) which should make it easier to find out what has changed in each specific area. The JDK 21 release notes also contain further details on these and other enhancements.

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Virtual Threads: An Adoption Guide

By on September 20, 2023

This guide is meant but to provide an introductory set of guidelines to help those who wish to start using virtual threads make the best of them...

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The Arrival of Java 21!

By Sharat Chander on September 19, 2023

Oracle is proud to announce the general availability of JDK 21. This release is the 12th Feature Release delivered on time through the six-month release cadence. This level of predictability allows developers to easily manage their adoption of innovation thanks to a steady stream of expected improvements. …

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